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Safe Access with A-Mezz OSHA-compliant Ladders & Ladder Safety Gates

Fixed steel ladders offer strength and stability

For any building code, for any building needs, A-Mezz can supply a heavy-duty ladder and gate solution that is both safe and strong. A-Mezz can install OSHA-compliant ladders for nearly any structure, from walls and warehouses to silos and bridges.

All ladders, cages and safety gates are coated with 90+ gloss polyester powder. Choose from 11 colors. Mill finish Aluminum, Stainless steel and hot dip galvanized also available.

Ladders can be customized with longer standoff brackets to clear gutters or other ladder obstructions, Step across platforms and parapet crossover rails and rungs for tall (greater than 14") parapets, Lockable doors at the bottom rungs, Loose standoff brackets for custom field weld, Modular construction for tougher to get to install locations, Bolt on floor mount brackets and more. Please let us know about your special site conditions and we will work with you to come up with an economic solution.


Learn more about our steel ladders and ladder safety gates:

Standard Fixed Ladder (FS)
Fixed Ladder with Walkthru Handrails (FW)
Fixed Ladder with Safety Cages (FSC)
Fixed Ladder with Walkthru Handrails and Safety Cages (FWC)
Welded Steel Cage (C)
MLG Ladder Safety Gates

Standard Fixed Ladder (Series FS)

  • Use: Climbing less than 20' with hatchway or side step access.
  • Assembly: Heavy duty, one-piece welded. Modular option available for easy transport and assembly.
  • Side Members: ¼" x 2" x 2" steel angle.
  • Climbing Rungs: ¾" corrugated steel round rungs with 12" centers and 7" standoff brackets.
  • Capacity: 300 lbs.

Fixed Ladder with Walk-Thru Handrails (Series FW)

  • Same specs as Fixed Ladder (FS) above with additional Handrail feature
  • Use: Climbing less than 20’ with safe landing access
  • Walk Through Handrails: 42" above landing surface. Made of 1" diameter tubing spaced 24" apart
  • Mounting Brackets: included

Fixed Ladder with Safety Cages (Series FSC)

  • Same specs as Fixed Ladder with additional Safety Cage feature
  • Use: Climbing 10' to 30' with hatchway or side step access
  • Safety Cage: Flared at the bottom for easy entry. Designed for OSHA standards
  • Side Step Design: Left or right side step access cage design available at no charge

Fixed Ladder with Walk-Thru Handrails & Safety Cages (Series FWC)

Welded one-piece construction on 10 to 14 rung models, and convenient spliced sections on 15 rung models and taller. Designed for safe landing access and available for step off points from 10' to 30 ' high. Cages and walk-thru handrails extend 42" above landing surface.

  • Same specs as Fixed Ladder with additional Walk-Thru Handrails & Safety Cage features
  • Safety cages are designed to OSHA specifications with flared bottom opening for easy entry
  • Walk through handrails are made of 1" diameter tubing and spaced 24" apart for convenient pass through
  • Cage begins 6' 9" from bottom rung

Welded Steel Cage (C)

  • Use: To attach to existing fixed ladders up to 20" wide
  • Assembly: Heavy-duty one piece welded. Crated for shipping protection
  • Standard Lengths: Wide range from 7'6" to 27'6"
  • Custom Length: Cage should begin 7'-8' above floor and extend 42" above landing surface (except for hatchways)
  • Cage Design: Flared at the bottom for easy entry. Designed for OSHA standards

Ladder Safety Gates

A fixed ladder is just part of the safety story. A self-closing swing gate can help you fully comply with OSHA standards and improve worker safety. A-Mezz safety gates are engineered with the same heavy-duty materials as our ladders.

A-Mezz ladder safety gates are safe, versatile and easy to install.

  • Safe - All A-Mezz gates match strict OSHA specifications.
  • Dimensions, spacing and opening coverage are all designed with your workers in mind.
  • Versatile - Hinge assembly fits many railing types and flat surfaces.
  • For uniquely shaped or large railings, we offer an adapter kit.
  • Ladder safety gates come in 7 sizes.
  • Gates can be adjusted for a proper (and safe) fit.
  • Easy to install - Gates arrive fully assembled.
  • Takes 5 minutes with a ½" wrench.
  • U-bolts are included.
  • To change the gate's swing direction, simply turn it over.

Safety ladder inspection checklist:

safety ladder inspection checklist


Free consultation

Ladders and safety gates face strict OSHA regulations. To help you meet code, we highly recommend a consulting session with an A-Mezz expert

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